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Louise Burke

Head of Sports Nutrition
OAM, PhD, BSc, Grad Dip Diet, FSMA, FACSM

Dr Louise Burke has 35 years of experience as a sports dietitian, including the last 27 years as the Head of Sports Nutrition at the AIS.  In addition to leading the team’s research and education outputs, she continues a hands-on role with Athletics and Road Cycling. 

Louise has written a number of textbooks and lay books on sports nutrition, as well as nearly 300 peer-reviewed publications and book chapters.  Louise has a Chair in Sports Nutrition for the Mary MacKillop Institute for Health Research at the Australian Catholic University.

I can’t imagine a better place to work than the AIS.  Over the past three decades, I’ve watched sports nutrition develop from its infancy to a robust and dynamic area of science and practice.  I’d like to think my team has contributed much to this evolution."

Lynne Mercer


Lynne is the coordinator in Sports Nutrition. She looks after the team and keeps everything working efficiently.

"I love working at the AIS and feel privileged to be able to provide support to the best dietitians in the country."

Michelle Minehan

Manager, Clinical Services

Michelle has worked with a diverse range of sports during her 20+ years as a sports dietitian. She currently works with water polo, basketball, boxing, Paralympic athletics and Paralympic winter sports.

As Manager of Clinical services, Michelle’s role is to manage nutrition servicing at the AIS. She mentors up-and-coming sports dietitians, develops policy, oversees commercial education activities and keeps an eye on quality assurance. Michelle has a particular interest in qualitative research methods and effective education. Her food philosophy is to use quality ingredients, respect the origin of food, keep nutrition uncomplicated and allow plenty of room for lemon tarts.

"Working in nutrition is challenging, ever-changing, frustrating, rewarding and addictive. I feel very lucky to work with a group of ingenious dietitians who constantly push boundaries."

Greg Cox

Senior Sports Dietitian
PhD, MHsc, Grad Dip Nutr & Diet, BHMS

Greg is also a Fellow of Sports Dietitians Australia. He is based on the Gold Coast, Queensland at the AIS High Performance Centre and is the National Nutrition Lead for Triathlon Australia and Australian Canoeing. He earned a PhD at Deakin University, investigating nutritional strategies that enhance high intensity endurance exercise performance.

His research interests include sports supplements, nutrition interventions for triathlon, hydration and dietary manipulations to enhance endurance exercise performance. He has developed high level skills in managing effective nutrition interventions in Olympic Sports.

"I am proud to work at the AIS as it represents excellence in sport to the broader community and provides me with the opportunity to collaborate with world class performance support service staff. This collaboration, along with strategic integration with the coaching program provides Australian athletes the perfect platform to launch world class performances."

Bronwyn Lundy

Senior Sports Dietitian
PhD candidate, MND, IOC Diploma in Sports Nutrition, BSc (Hons)

Bronwen came to the AIS after five years with the English Institute of Sport.  Bronwen has worked with elite athletes across a number of  sports including rugby union and rugby league, sprint canoe/kayak, slalom canoe, badminton, synchronised swimming and most recently as the National Lead for Rowing. 

Bronwen’s professional interests include energy availability and its impact on sports performance, wellness and injury risk.  She is a PhD candidate through the Mary McKillop Institute for Health Research looking at nutrition related risk factors for rib stress fracture and low energy availability in male athletes.

"Working at the AIS and with elite athletes is both challenging and exciting. Each work day is a diverse mix of the practical, intellectual and interpersonal while we find ways to provide the best possible support to our athletes."

Greg Shaw

Greg is also a level 3 anthropometrist, (someone who studies the human body and its movement, particularly researching measurements and statistics) working with Swimming Australia.

His current research interests are focused on improving connective tissue health, improving performance through enhanced buffering, and low energy availability in swimmer

Nikki Jeacocke

Sports Dietitian
IOC Diploma in Sports Nutrition, BND (Hons)

Nikki is an experienced sports dietitian who has worked at the AIS for more than 10 years. Nikki has worked with a variety of sports including gymnastics and football. She has a strong interest in the prevention and management of disordered eating.

Bronwen Charlesson

Sports Dietitian
IOC Diploma in Sports Nutrition, MDiet, BSc

Bronwen comes to the AIS after a stint working as a sports dietitian in Ireland. She has a keen interest in gut health, immune function and athletic performance.

Chris Fonda

Sports Nutrition Fellow

Chris is an Accredited Sports Dietitian and current fellow at the AIS. Chris’ role is diverse and includes nutrition servicing to Paralympic Swimming, the Men’s Volleyball Centre of Excellence program, Rowing and Athletics. Chris also delivers nutrition workshops and seminars to schools, sports camps and commercial groups that visit the AIS. Chris has a passion for sports nutrition. He thoroughly enjoys helping athletes achieve sporting success at every level.

"I enjoy working at the AIS as it provides me with the opportunity to collaborate with sports most knowledgeable and experienced service providers and coaches in Australia. I am honoured to have been given the opportunity to develop my nutrition knowledge, skills and experience at the highest level. I hope this will inspire others to achieve success and ignite passion in all that they do."

Brooke Hepburn

Sports Nutrition Fellow
BHSc (Hons), BExSc

Brooke is the 2017/2018 Sports Nutrition Fellow at the AIS. She works with a number of sports including volleyball, basketball and football. Brooke is a talented cricket player and represents Tasmania.

Melissa Holloway

Food Service Dietitian
MSc (Dietetics), BSc

Melissa is the food service dietitian at the AIS. Her main role is to work with AIS chefs to ensure the AIS Dining Hall provides appropriate food for athletes of all descriptions.


Sarina Lococo

Food Service Dietitian
MHSc, Grad Dip Human Nutr, BND, BSc

Sarina is the food service dietitian at the ETC. She works to ensure a quality food service is provided to athletes visiting the European Training Centre.

Joanne Mirtschin

Jo has been working at the AIS as the foodservice dietitian since 2009 and has been with the AIS since 2009. Jo helps to manage the relationship between the contract caterer and the AIS. Her main goal is to ensure that the food offered in the dining hall meets the sports nutrition goals of all kinds of athletes.  Jo also works to create a supportive food service environment at training and competition venues. She coaches other dietitians within the national nutrition network to improve athlete access to high quality food.

"I  like to work in foodservice at the AIS as it allows me to ensure that athletes are well catered for and well prepared nutritionally for competition and travel.  It’s a dynamic place that continues to change with the differing athletes that visit so I need to adapt good sports nutrition strategies to the athletes’ needs. This keeps me on my toes as there are always improvements to be made in how we prepare athletes in their specific environments."

Meg Ross

Post Doctoral Fellow
PhD, BApSc (Hons), BApSc (Human Movement)

Meg is the ACU Postdoctoral Fellow. She plays an essential role managing all the research projects in the department. Meg’s doctoral studies focused on pre-cooling.

Julia Bone

PhD Student
PhD candidate, MDS, MSc, BApSc

Julia is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian working on a PhD project in collaboration with the Australian Catholic University. Julia’s research focusses on factors affecting DXA and RMR measurements. She also provides nutrition support to the men’s basketball centre of excellence program.

Margot Rogers

Postgrad Scholar
BN(Hons), BND

Margot is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and has been the Sports Nutrition Postgraduate Scholar since the beginning of 2016, after graduating with a Bachelor of Nutrition (Honours) in 2015.

In her role, Margot assists in applied research in the area of body composition and energy availability as well as delivering sports nutrition presentations to commercial sports camps. Her professional interests include disordered eating, eating disorders, energy availability and body composition manipulation.

"It is a privilege to work at the nation’s leading high performance sport agency, in collaboration with leading high performance support staff. I believe sport should be a part of the lives of all Australians and I am proud to be contributing to Australian sport at its highest level."

Rebekah Alcock

PhD Student
PhD candidate, MND, BNut (Hons), BPH

Rebekah is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian working in a combined servicing/research role. Bek takes care of nutrition servicing for the Brumbies. She is also working on a PhD project investigating nutritional impacts on tendon health.

Reid Reale

PhD Student
PhD candidate, MDiet, BHSc

Reid is also an Accredited Practicing Sports Dietitian. He is passionate about combat sports especially Mixed Martial Arts. Reid is currently working on some special projects while finalising his doctoral thesis.

Hear about Reid's water loading study at the AIS: can the kidneys be 'tricked'? 

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