Healthy Active Classroom

What is Healthy Active Classroom?

In 1999, Nestlé Australia developed in partnership with the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) Get the AIS into your Classroom - a Health and Physical Education Resource. It had the common goal of helping Australian families get active and healthy.

In 2011 the resource was reviewed, updated and relaunched as Healthy Active Classroom. This resource is the perfect tool for teachers searching for a way to encourage their students to reconsider their behaviour and attitudes to a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

We are proud of this teaching tool and hope that it makes a valuable contribution to your classroom.

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Nestlé is the world leader in Nutrition, Health & Wellness and has been in partnership with the AIS for over 10 years.

To see what other initiatives Nestlé and the AIS have visit the Nestlé website.

Sport and civics and citizenship

To help make teachers’ lives easier, the AIS and Nestlé have teamed up to develop the Healthy Active Classroom resource. A curriculum-based approach to teaching healthy lifestyle choices, and complements the nationally developed Statement of Health and Physical Education for Australian Schools. Best of all, it’s free to download.

At a glance:

  • AIS tours have a close connection with the statements of ‘Learning for civics and citizenship’ that form part of every school curriculum in Australia
  • Using the context of sport, AIS tours help students develop values such as fairness, leadership, a willingness to participate and an understanding of the importance of rules 

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