Online activites

These online activities have been developed to encourage children to create physical games on the computer that they can then go and play. For example, using a box and a pair of rolled up socks, they can develop a target game to play either on their own or with friends.

The site has been developed for three specific age groups (5 to 7, 8 to 9 and 10 to 12) and there are four different types of games they can design: Target, Court, Hit ‘n Catch and Tag.

There are options for how to score, playing games in a pool, challenges and a lot more. It has been designed to get kids thinking about the range of physical activities available to them with minimal equipment.

To have a go at these activities click on the related download links below.

Technical note

In order to use these online activities you will need to install Macromedia Flash Player 7. For more information about Flash Player visit the Macromedia website or to go straight to downloading the player use this link.