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Children playing a traditional Indigenous game
Children playing a traditional Indigenous game

The Traditional Indigenous Games resource has been designed for people of all ages.

The resource assumes that each person participating in the activities is healthy and has no medical condition that would preclude him or her from participating in the activities.

People should not be allowed to participant in an activity if any medical, physical or other factor indicates that he or she is not suited to that activity. Where there are any queries or concerns about such matters, the consent of the participant, or if under 18, the participant’s parent/legal guardian, should be obtained before allowing participation.

Adult supervision must be provided for all activities where participants are under 18 years of age. While care has been taken in the preparation of the resource, the publisher and authors do not accept any liability arising from the use of the resource, including without limitation, from any activities described in the resource.

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Australia's most successful Olympic event is the Men's 1500m Freestyle.

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