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Organisation Leadership Development Grants

The WLIS Organisation Leadership Development Grants program supports sporting organisations to run leadership development training/workshops for women.

The maximum grant amount is $20,000 to support for eligible expenditure items as listed below. Co-contribution is expected from sporting organisations which are financially healthy.

Organisation Leadership Development Grants Eligibility criteria

To be eligible to apply for the WLIS Organisation Leadership Development Grants, an applicant must:

  • be affiliated with and supported by a national or state sporting organisation that is recognised by the ASC*, in the order that:
    • a local/regional club will need verification from the affiliated state sporting organisation
    • a state sporting organisations will need verification from the respective national sporting organisation
    • a national sporting organisation will need verification from a member of the executive or board of the organisation;
  • apply for support for a project on women leadership development;
  • commence the proposed project in 2017; and
  • if previous WLIS grant recipient, have no outstanding acquittal and/or reporting requirements.

*List of ASC recognised National Sporting Organisations: Australian Sports Directory.

    Eligible expenditure items

    The grant funding can only be used towards the following items:

    • course fees,
    • presenter fees,
    • long distance travel (>200km) for presenters and participants, e.g., airfares, coach/bus/train tickets, car hire/petrol reimbursements, and
    • translator or interpreter costs.

    Ineligible expenditure items

    Some examples of ineligible expenditure items are:

    • venue hire,
    • catering,
    • accommodation,
    • administration costs, and
    • materials and resources costs.

    WLIS Leadership Workshops for Organisations

    Organisations which are successful in obtaining a grant will be offered one free entry to one of the ASC WLIS Leadership Workshops.

    Additional participants to the ASC WLIS Leadership Workshops may be considered by the ASC. If accepted, the entry will be charged at cost to the organisation.

    More details about the workshops can be found here: WLIS Leadership Workshop.

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