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SPIDAR, Sport Performance Information & Digital Asset Repository, is a comprehensive digital asset management facility that accommodates digital media and performance analysis assets for coaches, sport scientists, athletes and staff. SPIDAR assets may comprise any or all categories of digital material including photographic and medical images, video and audio recordings, electronic documents, and other new media assets.

You will need the following requirements for SPIDAR to function at its full potential.

  • A broadband connection is highly desirable.
    • Dialup connections may only allow you to view thumbnails, metadata and perform searches.
  • A browser that supports Javascript and will connect with HTTPS
    • Windows: Internet Explorer 6.0+, Firefox 1.0+
    • MacOSX: Safari 1.0+, Firefox 1.0+
  • Quicktime 7+ or above for video playback  

How can you gain access?

At the login screen enter your username and password:

  • ASC Staff – This will be your ASC account username and password.
  • AIS Athletes/External clients -  If you do not already have an ASC account a username and password will be provided to you once your access has been approved. All non ASC staff must complete the ASC User Account Form before any account will be processed.

For further assistance please contact a SPIDAR administrator:

  • System Support – IT Helpdesk (02) 6214 1255
  • User access/training/metadata - NSIC (02) 6214 1277
    • 20min re-fresher course - for current SPIDAR users
    • 1hour induction - for new users
  • Performance Analysis Application Assistance -  PAU (02) 6214 1598