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The Australian Sports Commission (ASC) supports sport through many innovative programs ranging from promoting ethical sporting practices to helping clubs grow their membership base.  It also works with national sporting organisations (NSOs) and national sporting organisations for people with disability (NSODs) to ensure clear pathways from community sport to elite performance.

The ASC takes an important leadership role in working with NSO/NSODs to establish structures and policies to ensure a fair, safe, ethical and inclusive culture pervades sport at all levels.

The Australian Government, through the ASC is committed to strengthening community level sport and building on Australia's success in the international sporting arena.  To achieve this, funds are made available to recognised national sporting organisations, including those with specific programs in areas such as Indigenous sport and member growth.  As well, in specific programs funds are made available directly to individual athletes, coaches and officials.

In this section you will find information relating to:

  • NSOs/NSODs
  • Funding opportunities for individual athletes, coaches and officials as well as grants funding for sporting organisations
  • Growing membership for sporting clubs
  • Ethical considerations for the sports sector including information for coaches and athletes as well as anti-doping information
  • Governance of sport, including the Sports Governance and Mandatory Sports Governance Principles.





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Did you know?

Australia's most successful Olympic event is the Men's 1500m Freestyle.

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233 thousand people have so far completed the ASC online coaching course.
35 thousand kilometres were swum by Petria Thomas while at the AIS.
38 thousand people have so far completed the ASC online officiating course.
0.5 million people visit the AIS each year.