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Clubs can increase their memberships and their social standing in the community by creating inclusive and safe environments through the following strategies:

  • finding out which people in their community needs them - targeting women, juniors, people with disabilities and people of varying cultures and ethnicities;
  • developing specific programs which encourage participation;
  • utilising their clubrooms and facilities as a place for people to meet socially after games or on specific days; many people meet members of the local community by participating in the social events put on by their sporting club;
  • scheduling games/events so the whole family can attend on the same day and then enjoy refreshments together at the end;
  • involving more juniors in the club - more juniors means more parents, which results in a vibrant community atmosphere and increases the pool of potential volunteers for the club;
  • getting involved with local schools to recruit new junior members;
  • welcoming new mums back to the sport by providing informal child care, and scheduling events at family-friendly times e.g. on Sundays.

Your club should facilitate this behaviour through the application of various policies and procedures including:

  • training in the service of alcohol
  • establishing and promoting codes of conduct and conflict resolution policies
  • communicating the clubs values to its members and community
  • ensuring transparency and fairness when dealing with conflict resolution.

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Australia's most successful Olympic event is the Men's 1500m Freestyle.

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35 thousand kilometres were swum by Petria Thomas while at the AIS.
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