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Identifying Responsibilities

Identifying health and safety responsibilities at your club

This work health and safety (WHS) guide aims to help club committees identify who has particular health and safety responsibilities in their club environment. To ensure everyone is aware of their responsibilities, it is helpful to record these in a WHS policy and distribute it to relevant people. This will ensure everyone who works at your club is aware of and has access to the policy.

Consider the following committee responsibilities:

  • ensuring compliance with WHS duties
  • taking reasonably practicable steps to provide a safe workplace and safe ways of working
  • providing ways for workers, including volunteers, to be informed about and involved in health and safety issues at work.

Consider the following club committee responsibilities:

  • day to day management of health and safety issues (ie. ensuring that a person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU) complies with their duties)
  • ensuring new workers, including volunteers, receive the information, training and supervision to work for the PCBU safely
  • ensuring workers, including volunteers, receive training before starting new tasks or when using new equipment
  • ensuring that workers, including volunteers, are supervised to ensure they can perform their work safely.

The attached document can form the basis of the WHS policy at your organisation or club to assist in ensuring the health, safety and welfare of all persons at the workplace. It will help you determine:

  • PCBU responsibilities
  • WHS officer responsibilities
  • Worker/volunteer responsibilities
  • Expectations of contractors/visitors

It will also allow a section for organisation or club representatives to sign off on the document, allowing for transparency and clarity around responsibilities.

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