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Informing and Training Staff

Informing and training staff checklist

Here are some basic questions to help you identify training needs for your club. If you answer 'No' to any question, you have identified gaps in your training requirements where corrective action is needed.

  1. Do you have an induction program or kit?
  2. Have you identified all of the work activities to be performed by workers, including volunteers?
  3. Have you assigned or identified who is responsible for work tasks and/or supervising staff?
  4. Have the supervisors been advised of their responsibilities?
  5. Have the supervisors been appropriately trained to supervise staff?
  6. Does the supervisor have access to information on safe work procedures?
  7. Have safe work procedures been developed for identified tasks (as not all tasks will require procedures) which may pose a risk to the health and safety of workers?
  8. Have the workers, including volunteers, been trained in the safe work procedures?
  9. Is a program in place to provide 'top up' or refresher training and is it provided?
  10. Do workers have access to, and been informed of, all relevant safety information including equipment manuals?
  11. Have workers including volunteers been consulted on training needs?
  12. When you introduce new equipment do you train your workers, including volunteers, how to use the equipment safely?

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