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Vision & Mission

Vision Statement

A vision statement should illustrate what the sporting organisation wants to become in the future. For example, a vision statement may be:

'Our vision is to be recognised as a world leader'.

A vision statement is the first step in the strategic planning process followed closely by the development of a mission statement.

Mission statement

A mission statement is a brief description of a sporting organisation's purpose and identifies the scope of what the organisation does. For example, a mission statement may be:

'Our mission is to develop and deliver effective services and support to our stakeholders'.

It is important that whatever vision and mission is developed, it reflects the aspirations of the stakeholders.

A quick test of a good mission statement is to ask:

  • Does it describe a purpose for the organisation?
  • Does it capture the culture of the organisation?
  • Does it describe the strategic positioning of the organisation?
  • Is it easy to read?
  • Is it general enough to adapt to ongoing changes, yet specific enough to impact on the behaviours of the organisation's people?

More detailed information on vision and mission statements can be found in the fact sheets below.


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