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Team Australia Soli Bailey
Soli Bailey

17 Apr 2014


Prior to 2009, Surfing Australia was a typically small national sporting organisation, with limited resources, and financial challenges which minimised its potential impact.

Whilst the activity of surfing was already ingrained in Australian culture, surfing as a sport needed stronger national leadership and direction.

The ASC worked closely with SA's new leadership team to ensure that the process of organisational improvement followed best practice. The approach ensured that each project flowed progressively into the next, while always linking clearly into the long term vision for the sport as articulated in Surfing Australia's newly developed strategic plan.

The ASC provided not only project-based funding, but expert advice. This collaborative approach demonstrated an effective working partnership over five years, resulting in clear, measurable successes within every project along the journey.

Today Surfing Australia has a business model and product offerings that are driven by market demand including:

  • a board with the right people and the right skills to govern and grow the support
  • a clear strategic direction driven by the national organisation, with all levels of the sport engaged in the implementation
  • strong cultural values embedded within a committed and high performing management team
  • alignment of the sport from national to state level
  • an improved club culture
  • a High Performance Centre, dedicated to the development of elite surfers and coaches
  • quality relationships with commercial sponsors through alignment in each layer of the sport, resulting in strong commercial revenue
  • industry leading communication including magazines, TV shows,, social media tools and the ability to leverage these mediums with a strong story about the sport.

The work that the ASC and Surfing Australia engaged in together ensured measurable successes throughout the process. The key result is significant growth at the participation level of the sport, the success of podium athletes at the elite level, and the momentum that is taking Surfing Australia towards becoming a self-sustainable organisation.

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Did you know?

Australia's most successful Olympic event is the Men's 1500m Freestyle.

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233 thousand people have so far completed the ASC online coaching course.
35 thousand kilometres were swum by Petria Thomas while at the AIS.
38 thousand people have so far completed the ASC online officiating course.
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