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Grants and Funding

There are a number of opportunities for individuals and sporting organisations to receive funding through the Australian Sports Commission (ASC).

See below for further information on each program, or alternatively visit the Other Funding Opportunities tab for links to Government Departments and organisations that offer various grant programs. 

National Officiating Scholarship program

Hockey official standing next to goalie waiting for a shot
The National Officiating Scholarship program is aimed at elite officials within targeted sports to provide support in their development to reach the highest level of officiating.

dAIS - Athlete Grant

The dAIS scheme provides an opportunity for athletes in Olympic, Paralympic and Commonwealth Games sports to receive a direct cash grant from the Australian Government to assist them with their endeavours of being a professional athlete. Athletes may be nominated by their National Sporting Organisation to receive a dAIS grant......

Elite Indigenous Travel and Accommodation Assistance Program

Indigenous boxers in action
The Elite Indigenous Travel and Accommodation Assistance Program (EITAAP) provides funding for Indigenous sportspeople who have been selected in an official state/territory team to compete at national championships or the official Australian team to compete at an international competition. The program assists with eligible out-of-pocket travel and accommodation expenses only.

Local Sporting Champions grants program

Young goal keeper jumping for the ball in soccer

The Local Sporting Champions grants program is designed to provide financial assistance for junior sportsmen and women towards the cost of travel, accommodation, uniforms or equipment when competing at an official NSO or NSOD endorsed state or national sporting competition, a School Sport Australia endorsed state or national championship or an international competition where the applicant is representing an official Australian team.

Women Leaders in Sport Grant Program

Female rugby league referee
The Women Leaders in Sport grant program provides female administrators, coaches and officials with opportunities to undertake intermediate to advanced training within the sport industry to reach their leadership potential. Grants are available for individuals and organisations in the areas of coaching, communications/media/marketing, governance, management/administration and officiating.

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