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Receiving a Grant

If you are successful in receiving a Local Sporting Champions (LSC) grant, the $500 grant will be transferred to the nominated bank account listed on your application, or presented as a cheque. Therefore, if your account details have changed since submitted the application, please contact the Local Sporting Champions grant administrators on (02) 6214 1462 or email

As a recipient of an LSC grant, you are required to:

  • Abide by the program Terms and Conditions;
  • Spend the $500 grant on travel, accommodation, uniforms or equipment when attending the nominated championships;
  • Keep invoices/receipts as proof of spending the grant and attending the nominated championships, and provide them to the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) for the purpose of auditing the grant (if requested); and
  • Contact the Local Sporting Champions grant administrators if your contact details or circumstances change and you are no longer able to attend the nominated championships.


If you are successful in receiving a LSC grant, you may be selected to conduct a check on the use and expenditure of the grant to fulfil the Australian Sports Commissions auditing obligations. These obligations are set out in the program Terms and Conditions.

If contacted by the ASC to conduct an audit, you must comply with any requests and provide the ASC, or its authorised representatives, with records confirming that the $500 grant was used towards the below costs when participating at the nominated championships:

  • Travel;
  • Accommodation;
  • Uniforms; and/or
  • Equipment.

These records can be invoices or receipts confirming the date and amount relevant to your attendance at the nominated championships.

If you do not comply with the program guidelines, or the requested information is not provided by the due date, the ASC may by written notice, require you to repay, all or part of the Grant, within 30 days of any such notice, due to breaching the obligations set out in the Terms and Conditions. This may also result in the ASC declining any future grant applications you submit for the LSC program or any other grant program managed, operated, facilitated or funded by the ASC.

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