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WLIS Leadership Workshops

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WLIS Leadership Workshops

Applications are open for WLIS Leadership Workshops for Individuals (2-day weekend workshop), and WLIS Leadership Workshops for Organisations (3-day workshop). You or your organisation can apply to attend

The WLIS Leadership Workshops enable women to develop leadership capabilities and to learn and network with like-minded women in a supportive and safe environment. In addition, the participants learn to effectively manage the challenges within their sport and life in general and gain invaluable support from the experiences and knowledge of other women.

The workshops cover topics including:

  • Exploring leadership
  • Leadership styles and functions
  • Leadership and culture
  • Leadership and performance
  • Communication
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Leadership challenges
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Driving vision, change management.

The annual ASC WLIS Leadership Workshops are highly valued by participants. In 2017, a total of 92 women participated at the WLIS Leadership Workshops and the overall satisfaction rate with the workshops was 92%. Feedback from participants is below:

“It was at these workshops that I grew in confidence and self-belief that I could take on leadership roles in sport. I also learnt a great deal from the other participants in terms of their journey in sport and the courses they have accessed.”
“The workshop was a great opportunity to reflect on where I was at with my (career) and my future aspirations. It definitely empowered me to renew my short and long term goals within sport and in myself.”

Workshops Facilitators

The 2018 WLIS Leadership Workshops will be facilitated by Henny Oldenhove and Sue Cormack.

Henny and Sue have long-term experience working in the sport sector at national, state and local levels, present as professional female leaders in sport who genuinely want to develop other female leaders for the sector. Sue and Henny have delivered the WLIS Leadership Workshops for some years with a proven record of unfailing high levels of positive feedback from participants.

2017 Participants’ Feedback% Excellent/Very Good

Facilitator Knowledge


Ability to Engage Everyone


Ability to deal with issues raised


Given the diversity of the women at the workshops, the high level of expertise many come with and the amount of leadership/professional development already undertaken by many of the women, the feedback confirms the quality of the facilitators, the style of facilitation is right for the group and the content is well pitched, engaging and inclusive.

1) Leadership Workshops for Individuals

The 2018 WLIS Leadership Workshops for individuals will be held on the following dates (weekends) at four major cities:

Dates (Weekends)Location
10-11 February 2018Melbourne
17-18 February 2018Adelaide
24-25 February 2018Melbourne
17-18 March 2018Sydney
24-25 March 2018Brisbane
5-6 May 2018Sydney

Successful applicants will be offered:

  • Attendance at one of the 2018 WLIS Leadership Workshops which will be based on the applicant’s residential address, and at the discretion of the ASC;
  • Lunch and catering during the workshop;
  • Group dinner on Saturday evening;
  • Accommodation at the workshop venue as required; and
  • Travel for participants who reside in ACT, TAS, NT and WA.

Consideration may be given to support travel and additional accommodation costs borne by successful applicants residing in rural/remote areas for attending the workshops.

Women who are at the start of their leadership pathway are strongly encouraged to apply for the WLIS Leadership Workshops. WLIS Leadership Workshops participants, who have not received WLIS grants previously, may be looked favourably for future WLIS Development Grants for Individuals.

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible to apply to attend a WLIS Leadership Workshop for individuals, an applicant must:

  • be female;
  • be aged 18 years or over;
  • be an Australian citizen or have been granted permanent residence status;
  • be involved in a paid or volunteer capacity at a local, state or national level in the sport industry; and
  • be supported by a sporting organisation that is, or is affiliated with, a national sporting organisation recognised by the ASC. The supporting organisation must confirm that the individual is involved in a paid or volunteer capacity at a local, state or national level in the sport industry, and that their organisation supports the application. For a list of the organisations recognised by the ASC please go to the Australian Sports Directory.

2) Leadership Workshops for Organisations

The WLIS Leadership Workshops for Organisations provide opportunities for women within the same organisation to come together to develop individual leadership capabilities, to build networks, to influence gender equity and cultural change within the organisation and to plan a collective advancement project.

Each workshop will comprise of women from 3 to 4 successful organisation applicants. During the workshop, participants will develop their individual leadership skills and engage in group activities to advance the sport.

A successful organisation applicant can send a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 7 women to the workshop. Participants can be from different state/territory, e.g. a representative(s) from each state. The ASC will arrange and pay for travel and accommodation for the women to attend the workshop.

6-8 March 2018Melbourne

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible to apply to send a selected group of women across your organisation to a WLIS Leadership Workshop for Organisations, an organisation must:

  • be a national sporting organisation that is recognised and funded by the ASC, and
  • have no outstanding acquittal and/or reporting requirements from previous WLIS grant recipients.

3) How to Apply

Please see WLIS webpage for application options. To complete the application, applicants need to have the following information:

  • the applicant’s personal/organisational details;
  • if applicable, the ‘supporting organisation’ details and contact person details;
  • for Individual Workshops – the impact/benefit from attending the Workshop to the leadership pathway.
  • for Organisations Workshops – the process of selecting the women for the workshops; the impact/benefit to individual women of the organisation and to the organisation as a whole; and plans of follow-up development activities.

If an applicant has all the information required, the online application process will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. If an application cannot be completed in one session, the applicant can save the application and return to complete at another time using the unique security code provided by the online system.

Submitted applications will be acknowledged through a system-generated email sent to the nominated email address by the applicant, which will include a copy of the submitted application. It is recommended that applicants keep a record of the email, as applicants no longer have access to the applications once they are submitted.

For individual Workshop applicants, upon submission of an application, the supporting organisation contact will receive an automated email to validate and support the application. Note that the supporting organisation needs to respond to the ASC by the application closing date to confirm the applicant’s eligibility for the application to be complete. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure the supporting organisation responds before the application closing date.

4) Assessment Consideration

Each year, the ASC receives a high number of applications for the WLIS program and it is a highly competitive process. Applications are assessed on the information provided in the application. Therefore, it is important that applicants answer all questions with as much relevant detail as possible. The ASC will take into consideration the following in assessing applications:

  • quality of the application;
  • impact/benefit of the WLIS Leadership Workshops to the applicant/participants; and
  • benefit of the WLIS Leadership Workshops to the supporting organisation or the sport.

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