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AIS Performance Research - Frequently asked questions

Q. What research is the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) doing now?
A. The AIS is always active in a number of research areas at any given time. Much of the research is cutting-edge and designed to give Australian athletes the best chance at international success, for this reason much of our current research is not made available to the public.

Q. Can I get access to this AIS research?
A. Yes and no. Much of our research is conducted to give Australian athletes an edge over their international opponents. To make those results public would nullify any advantage to our (Australian) athletes. However, when the advantage of such research has run its course, the scientists will release to outcomes into the public domain usually via publication in peer reviewed journals.

Conversely, research that is not designed to give our athletes an edge is released into public domain immediately following its completion. To access these its best to browse the Catalogue of Australian Sport Sector Library Collections. The Clearinghouse for Sport may also be able, for a fee, to supply copies of research documents or direct you to other literature.

Q. Can I participate in an AIS study as an athlete, coach, scientist?
The AIS sometimes runs advertisements in local newspapers or via the web page asking for volunteers to participate in research projects; however, for the large majority of projects, the AIS uses either AIS or national team athletes because the efficacy of the research needs to be assessed on elite sports performance.

Q. I have an assignment, can you help?
A. Most of our scientists are busy servicing the needs of our athletes and coaches and/or conducting research with the aim of optimising sports performance. While they would like to help you, they are committed to giving their time to AIS and national athletes and coaches.

Q. Can I speak to an AIS scientist about a research topic or a problem?
A. See the previous answer.

Q - How can I find out what AIS staff are specialists in certain areas?
- There are two main ways to locate an AIS scientist or staff member who may be a specialist in a given field. The first is to browse the AIS website to locate information on staff who specialise in your field of interest. The second is to browse through some of the research listed in the Catalogue of Australian Sport Sector Library Collections and take note of the authors of papers.

Q - I have an area I would like to research, can the AIS assist me?
A -
If you have an area of research that you are interested in pursuing, you are best to contact your local State Institute or State Academy of Sport (SISAS Network) and speak to the scientist concerned with your discipline of interest located there. Proposals for research are usually recommended by this network to allow those scientists and staff working directly with athletes and sport to identify critical areas of need.

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