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Movement Science

Our History

AIS Movement Science was established in 2010 with the merge of the Biomechanics, Performance Analysis and Skill acquisition disciplines of the AIS.

Biomechanics was a founding discipline of the AIS in 1981 and has been extensively involved in the observation, measurement and analysis of training and competition performance to enhance performance and reduce the risk of injury. Services and research have been delivered to a range of Australian and international sports including swimming, athletics, rowing, cricket, canoe/kayak, sailing, winter sports and golf.

The Performance Analysis Unit was established in 2002 to enhance the use of data analysis and technology to profile athlete performances, analyse opposition strategies and assist develop tactical approaches for athletes, coaches and teams. In that time Performance Analysts have worked extensively with gymnastics, triathlon, water polo, netball, hockey, canoe/kayak and equestrian, among many others. AIS Performance Analysis support is also a key service delivered in-situ to Australian athletes, coaches and teams at the Olympic Games.

Skill Acquisition was also established in 2002 to provide applied theory and support services to coaches and athletes to improve skill training and intervention methodologies, perception, decision making and to further the understanding of expertise in elite sports performers. AIS Skill Acquisition specialists have played a significant service and research role for sports such as netball, swimming, sailing, canoe/kayak, cricket, tennis, football, rugby union and Australian rules football.

What we do

AIS Movement Science is an inter-disciplinary section delivering an integrated approach to the analysis of performance in training and competition environments. This approach draws upon the quantitative assessment of skill by Biomechanists and the emerging methodologies and theoretical insights offered by Performance Analysts and Skill Acquisition specialists. Performance enhancement and injury prevention are key outcomes from the work of AIS Movement Science staff.

Members of the section work with coaches and other support staff in a range of projects across summer and winter Olympic and Paralympic sports.

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