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Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Minister for Sport Kate Lundy with school children in Canberra.

31 May 2013

With a football in hand, Prime Minister Julia Gillard was ready to put her sporting skills into action as she joined Minister for Sport, Senator Kate Lundy, to announce the continuation of the Active After-school Communities (AASC) program at Red Hill Primary School in Canberra.

“Right around the country we are funding up to 190 000 children per semester to participate in more than 70 different sports and activities,” Prime Minister Gillard said. “Building fitness, building skills, and hopefully then going on to select a sport that they really like and really want to participate in.

“There’s nothing more important for the kind of country we are going to be in the future than what happens for the education of our children.”

The Australian Government will provide a total of $34.9 million to the AASC program in 2013–14, which will focus on engaging more primary school children in structured physical activity and to providing opportunities for ongoing participation in organised sport.

“There is growing research every year which shows that the benefits of sport extend way beyond the obvious physical benefits,” Senator Lundy said. “There is social inclusion [and] the mental health and wellbeing outcomes for keeping physically active.

“So through this program, we're able to provide opportunities for kids who perhaps otherwise wouldn't be able to play sport or have that opportunity and inspire them to take up playing sport as part of their life — not just when they're children, but hopefully into adulthood as well.”

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