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Herding cats

AFL legend Matthew 'Richo' Richardson tries his hand at coaching.
AFL legend Matthew 'Richo' Richardson tries his hand at coaching his local junior football team

30 Jan 2015

‘Fair dinkum it’s like trying to herd cats’

Is the phrase Mathew ‘Richo’ Richardson finds himself muttering under his breath when he finds himself coaching his local junior football team.

In the first of three videos on the ASC’s Community Coaching General Principles Course, Richo finds himself a little out of his depth with a bunch of unruly kids who appear to be more interested in playing anything but football. 

The video on football coaching —with two more to follow on cricket and netball 2015 illustrates the challenges coaches may face and provides a quick and easy solution to becoming a better coach.

The Community Coaching General Principles Course aims to help coaches learn the basic skills of coaching through a range of interactive videos and resources so everyone has a fun and safe sporting experience. It’s free and online.

Because as Richo learns, every coach can do with a little help. 

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